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SK 4 Ports SMS Gateway Modem
  • SK 4 Ports SMS Gateway Modem
  • SK 4 Ports SMS Gateway Modem
  • SK 4 Ports SMS Gateway Modem
SK 4 Ports SMS Gateway ModemSK 4 Ports SMS Gateway ModemSK 4 Ports SMS Gateway Modem

SK 4 Ports SMS Gateway Modem

    The SK4 Ports SMS Device is a Modem Pool for Bulk SMS and MMS, Based on the Internet Protocol Technique. The Feature of the Remote Management and Control Makes Modem Pools in Different Areas and Countries Conveniently to Send Bulk SMS By a Same Device with Controlling Software.

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SK SMS Modem

4-ports SMS gateway modem refers to a hardware device equipped with four separate communication ports that can be used for sending and receiving SMS (Short Message Service) messages. This type of modem is commonly used in various applications where the need to manage multiple SMS communications simultaneously is essential. Skyline is a professional VoIP and SMS gateway manufacturer. 

The "4-ports" designation indicates that the modem has four separate communication channels or ports. Each port can handle SMS traffic independently, enabling the simultaneous processing of multiple messages.

4-ports SMS gateway modem with multiple communication channels provides flexibility and efficiency in handling SMS traffic.

Except the hardware, we also have the SMS and voice traffic around the word. Both the latest news sim cards application and newest software of the device setting you can get from us.
SK 8 ports series is able to process bulk SMS sending. The speed can be 200- 800 SMS per min according different module.

Special Features:

  • Support SIM Bank

  • SIM Card Rotating

  • Solution to solve the SIM card blocked

  • EIMS(SK Remote Management System)

  • SMS Limitation for SIM Card/Singl

  • Web Browser: Firefox/Chrome /IE/Opera


ModelSK 4 Serious SMS modem
Number of Channels4 Channels
SMS ProtocolsSMPP
Number of Ports1 WAN 10/100Base-T ethernet(RJ-45 connector)
1 Console(USB)
LED1 Power and 4 card online and running status indicator
Power Supply100-277VAC, 50 - 60 Hz IN, 12V/5A OUT
Operating EnvironmentOperating temperature: 0 - 50ºC
Operating humidity: 10 – 90%RH
Warranty12 Months

Mobile Features:

SMS Send, Receive and Forward(GSM/SIP/HTTP)
SMS Inbox
AT Command , USSD
PIN Code Management
GSM Polarity Reversal
Carrier Selection
Caller ID Hidden(need SIM Card support)

4 Ports SMS Gateway Modem Application

Bulk SMS Marketing: The 4-ports SMS gateway modem allows for the efficient delivery of bulk SMS messages, helping businesses reach their target audience with marketing campaigns, promotions, or announcements.

Notification Systems: The multiple ports enable the implementation of a robust notification system, ensuring that time-sensitive information reaches recipients promptly.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): The 4-ports SMS gateway modem facilitates the delivery of authentication codes to users' mobile devices, contributing to a secure login process.

Appointment Reminders: The modem can be used to automate the sending of appointment reminders, reducing no-shows and improving overall appointment management.

SMS Surveys and Feedback: The multiple ports allow for the simultaneous distribution of survey questions, streamlining the data collection process.

SMS-based Applications: The 4-ports SMS gateway modem supports SMS integration in applications such as customer support systems, order tracking, and other automated communication processes.

Event Notifications: The modem can handle the timely delivery of event-related SMS messages to keep attendees informed and enhance their overall experience.

Remote Monitoring and Control: The multiple ports enable the reception of SMS commands from authorized users, allowing for remote monitoring and control of devices or systems.

Maintenance And Management:

  • Multi-language Interface

  • USB Serial COM

  • Configuration Backup and Restore

  • Support HTTP/TFTP Upgrade

  • Call statistics: ASR, ACD, PDD

  • SK Remote Management System

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