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What's new for Bus WIFI

Apr. 12, 2017

Bus Wi-Fi is a wireless Wi-Fi hotspot coverage and management system that provides users with a range of secure Internet access, user resource collection, precision ad push, customer marketing, and diverse media applications through a Wi-Fi router service. Is a public transport for public transport such as the introduction of WIFI Internet access equipment, WIFI terminal by 3G / 4G signal into WIFI signal for passengers access to the Internet access to information, entertainment or mobile office business model.


According to the China Internet Network Information Center released the 39th "China Internet Development Statistics Report", as of December 2016, the number of Chinese Internet users reached 731 million, the number of Internet users through the mobile phone network reached 695 million, Internet users in the use of mobile Internet The proportion of the rapid increase from 74.3% to 95.1%, the status of its largest Internet terminal more stable.


Bus WIFI is the development of the mobile Internet generated demand, the boring car time becomes interesting and useful, combined with the current has matured 3G / 4G wireless network, through the 3G / 4G router to run the operator network into WIFI network Covering the entire car, bus passengers, you can use the phone on the way, Pad and other Internet browsing news, brush microblogging, listening to music, watching video and so on. Benefit the user base not only covers passengers, advertisers and so on. But also contains the bus system within the enterprise in the hope that the basic functions of passenger transport to the passengers to bring more valuable value-added services.


Bus WIFI system through the deployment of buses (or travel buses, subway and other public transport mobile point) and the station fixed point of multimedia information terminals, combined with WiFi access, through the coverage of the national key city nodes cloud platform for the bus System and passengers to build a wireless Internet access, advertising, information search, intelligent positioning, network community in one of the multimedia information services, build three-dimensional public transport information application platform .

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