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GOIP-1 Channel GSM Gateway
  • GOIP-1 Channel GSM Gateway
  • GOIP-1 Channel GSM Gateway
  • GOIP-1 Channel GSM Gateway
  • GOIP-1 Channel GSM Gateway
GOIP-1 Channel GSM GatewayGOIP-1 Channel GSM GatewayGOIP-1 Channel GSM GatewayGOIP-1 Channel GSM Gateway

GOIP-1 Channel GSM Gateway

    Our GoIPs come with all the common network, VoIP, and GSM features and they have been widely tested for compatibility, stability, and reliability. In addition, we’ve developed our proprietary Remote SIM technology for SIM card management without inserting SIM cards to GoIPs. Together with the SMS Server and SIM Sever, you can now build your own system for voice traffics between VoIP and GSM or a SMS Messaging system based on your application requirements. In addition, each GoIP is equipped with a Remote Control client which enables a secure remote access method for technical support and GoIP management. All of the above features are available at no additional charges.

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The GOIP-1 Channel GSM Gateway is a specific type of GSM gateway device designed to facilitate voice communication over GSM networks. The "1 Channel" designation indicates that the GSM gateway supports one simultaneous voice channel. This means it can handle one voice call at a time. GSM Gateway integrates Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, enabling voice calls to be transmitted over the internet. This allows for cost-effective long-distance calls and integration with VoIP systems. VoIP-GSM gateway for 1 channel is used for making and receiving voice calls over GSM networks, with the added advantage of VoIP integration for cost savings. and also used for require voice communication in locations with limited access to traditional telecommunication infrastructure.

  • Call from VoIP to GSM or GSM to VoIP

  • Bulk SMS

  • Auto check balance and recharge

  • Remote SIM Control

  • Outbound call from voip

  • Inbound call from gsm

  • Remote management

  • GSM Channel: 1

  • Power Adapter: DC 12V/500MA

  • CPU: ARM9/300MHz

  • RAM: 16MB

  • Flash: 4M

  • GSM Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz

  • Max power consumption: 5W

  • Net weight: 0.15KG

  • Size: 13*10*2.6cm

  • Operating Temperature: 0 - 45℃

  • Working Humidity:  10% - 90% non condensation   

  • VoIP Protocols: SIP V2, H.323 V4

  • Audio Codecs: g711(alaw/ulaw), g729, g723.1

  • DTMF format: SIP INFO, RFC2833, Inband

  • Packet Loss Concealment

  • Programmable Jitter Buffer: Fixed, Dynamic, Adaptive

  • Network Connection: DHCP, PPPOE, Static IP

  • STUN Server

  • Support English, Chinese

  • Support Signaling encryption

  • Support media encryption

  • Support Media NAT Traversal

  • Support Remote control

GSM VoIP Gateway GOIP-1 For call center application:

VoIP network for call center consists of a softswitch/IP PBX and VoIP clients such as an IP phone, a call center operator, and GoIPs.  All VoIP clients are configured to register to the softswitch/IP PBX.  For the GoIPs, each GSM channel is inserted with a valid SIM card in order to access the GSM network.  Both incoming and outgoing calls between the VoIP and GSM/PSTN networks can now be realized.  


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